Moving Companies: More than just shipping

Picking a moving company is as simple as finding a reliable one with an agreeable price in Elk Grove, California, right? You could not be more ill-informed. You need to think about what moving contractors you want. Of course, you want your goods or belongings moved from point A to point B but have you considered what happens before the goods get in the vehicle at point A and what happens after they get to point B. These are questions you need to ask and moving contractors can answer.

this picture shows moving contractors at work

So what are these secondary moving contractors that can be availed of?


The first question you face is are you going to do your own packing and if so where are you going to get the boxes from? You do not know where to get boxes and you are under enough stress with moving without taking the time to pack all your stuff. Instead, look up a moving company that provides additional moving contractors.

Find one that provides packaging and does the packing. Now your items can be boxed with protective styrofoam or bubble wrap. When we moved, we used a moving company Elk Grove to help. Not only does this save you time but the moving company will be liable for any damage to your items if they are the ones who do the packing.

Transporting your goods exclusively

Depending on bulk a company may transport loads for a number of customers in one container. This can lead to increased wait times for you or greater potential for goods being damaged by repeated loading and unloading of the container. Some moving companies will allow you to exclusively reserve a container. This means the goods will go directly to your destination and cut delivery wait times.


When the goods arrive at their destination in Elk Grove, California you can again avail of additional moving contractors. Need your belongings lugged up some stairs? moving companies can do that. Many moving companies provide rigging that can hoist furniture or other bulky items to an upstairs room. You can also pay to have your moving company unload and unpack your property and then arrange it in the desired location.

These may not seem like huge issues but when carrying out a big move every little weight off your mind can be a big help. Depending on the bulk and quantity of the goods you need to be transported using the moving company to pack and unpack could be a necessity.

this image shows moving contractors are more than just shipping helpers

Also if you live in or are moving to an apartment, not on the ground floor rigging is probably the only way for your new furniture to exit and enter buildings. So although transporting goods from A to B is, of course, the primary job of moving companies they also provide many handy secondary Moving contractors.

When pricing and hiring a moving company make sure to check what extra Moving contractors they provide. So do not worry about sourcing your own boxes or bubble wrap the next time you are moving instead get a moving company that provides the extras.