Remodeling Our Home

The first thing we did when remodeling our home was installed spray foam insulation. It makes a big difference in how comfortable your house is, especially if you have an older drafty one. We chose spray foam insulation because it is not as expensive as having fiberglass batts.

It’s thick and completely seals off any drafts. When I touch it, there is no hint that there is even a layer between the outside and my ceiling. This insulation worked so well that now I seal up every hole I can find around the house to keep cold air from coming in. Our last home had a lot of places where air would come through and make living uncomfortable, but here at our new place, we never have to worry about how hot or cold it is outside with these thick walls keeping us warm on those winters days and cool on the summer ones.

A lot of homes have insulation because it’s required by code, but if yours doesn’t, I would recommend you get some for your house. It will save you money in heating costs every month! One thing that makes this type of insulation different from other types is that it does not itch or cause your skin to break out as fiberglass can sometimes do.

The next step was to paint the walls and ceilings. We used a light beige color in all the rooms with white trim. It really brightened up the place and made it feel more spacious. We also replaced all of the doors and doorknobs, as well as all of the light fixtures. The final touch was new carpeting throughout the house.

It’s amazing how much of a difference these small changes made, and we’re so happy with the results!

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, I would definitely recommend starting with insulation, painting, and new flooring. It’ll make a big impact for not very much money.