Why Reliable Roofing Contractors is a Must

Roofing Contractors Can Help

Roofer or roofing contractors are construction workers specialized in making the roof of houses. Their specifications include waterproof or weatherproof roof constructions. Roof makers need to deliver quality results as the roof is a very crucial part of the house.

Roofing work might be physically challenging as it includes heavy lifting, climbing, kneeling, and frequent exposure to very hot weather. It becomes very difficult for roofers to work during rain and winter. This is why most of the roofing contractors work usually during summer only. Roofers even work overtime during summer so they could complete their project in time. People who fear height won’t be able to build a career on roofing as roofers usually work at height.


There is not any specific educational requirement to become a roofing contractor but high school education shall be helpful. Interested person must be able to do simple math’s, read blueprints and physically able to perform the task. Besides this, an apprenticeship program for 3 years is also found in several countries to become a professional roofing contractor.

This program includes 144 hours of related technical training, 2000 hours of paid on the job training. Median yearly income of roofing contractors is approximately $35000. It depends on the place and how many contracts a roofer can handle at once, which determines the annual income. $70000 is maximum high income for a roofer. As many contracts roofer manages to have, that many incomes a roofer makes.

This is a profession limited for few seasons so; roofers have plenty of time to spend during off-seasons. One usually begins with helper carrying goods, nailing wooden structure, etc. It might take 5-8 months for fresher to be a roofer depending on a person’s learning skills.

During the roofing replacement or building, a new roof following steps is to be taken under consideration.

  • First of all whole property must be protected by traps and protection plywood’s so that nothing gets damaged. It includes bushes, walls, sidings, etc.
  • In the case of roofing replacement, all the components from the old roof must be removed carefully.
  • Before roof reconstruction begins, proper inspection of the roof must be done. Every part of the wooden structure must be checked thoroughly. If any wet or rotten is found, that part must be replaced immediately.
  • Once ice and water shield is installed, now rest of the roof must be covered by roofing felt. Roofing felt prevents shingles from sticking to the wooden structure.
  • When all those steps are completed, then new roofing material is installed.

The final process is an inspection. There must be a proper check if anything is missing. If it meets the satisfaction then it’s complete.